We are an online service providing Personalised Essay Writing Suggestions. You can use
this service as a mean to improve your writing skills alongside with Peer Proofreading and
On-campus Writing advisory.

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Students often struggle with the basics of constructing a written argument. “Students would come to writing instructors with the critical thinking skills,” Oli Raw says, “but they didn’t understand how to put their thoughts into a structure, or vice versa.”


Annotated assignment - this service allows you to upload your assignment or sections of your project to the platform and get feedback from a professional coach, which can help you improve your paper. The chosen coach will send you back your paper as a .doc file with additional text comments that advice on the clarity, organisation, style and language of your work.


Can I hand in the model (annotated) essay directly?

The model essay is created and annotated to form a set of suggestions for your own writing. We also guarantee that it contains NO plagiarised content. Yet, it in no way creates a finished product. If you require, you may use it as a sample and bring it to your On-campus Writing Advisory for further discussion.